Lugogo Baptist Church is registered under the Baptist Union of Uganda. The Baptist Union of Uganda is a body that unites over 2000 Churches within Uganda. Lugogo Baptist is a member of the Union.

  • Hope Alive began in Lugogo Baptist Church in 2002, as a ministry under the world Venture the organization supports needy children in the community mainly empowering them with Education. Currently there are about 120 Children that are able to go to School as a result of this great partnership.

  • WorldVenture formerly known as Conservative Baptist International is a mission agency that spear headed the planting of Lugogo Baptist Church. The agency has existed in Uganda from the 1960’s and is involved in various church programs across the country.

  • Africa leadership and Reconciliation ministries is a partner of Lugogo Baptist Church. The organization has since 2000 been involved in various peace building efforts within our community and in northern Uganda. The organization is involved in the holistic care of the needy as well in our community.

  • Global Link Afrika (GLA) is an indigenous Christian Missions agency which aims at bringing transformations in the lives of individuals and communities through Mission Training and Community Transformation programmes. GLA identify, equip, link and send missionaries through their professions.


Lugogo Baptist Church takes care of the women in the church through skills empowerment

  • Lugogo Baptist Church since 2007 has partnered with Compassion International to support about 260 needy Children in the communities of Naguru, Acholi Quarters, Kamwokya and Kyebando.